Title Going Abroad with Wireless Charging Batteries and Charging Pads - JnKScience Inc.
AttachFile 16CEO-11_Going_Abroad_with_Wireless_Charging_Batteries_and_Charging_Pads_-_JnKScience_Inc.pdf  Date 2017-03-03

Going Abroad with Wireless Charging Batteries and Charging Pads - JnKScience Inc.
* In JnK Science Inc., under the value of “maintaining the indoor environment and innovative product development” all employees in each of research development, production, quality control and customer relationships sectors are striving to realize business value.
* Rather than stopping at manufacturing and supplying excellent products, we try with best efforts to procure trust with our customers and quality guarantee until the products are finally consumed.  Based on test results of systematic research and development and stability, etc., they are produced according to strict manufacturing guidelines and are released only upon passing strict quality management in each process. 
Q. What is your future goal as a manager of enterprise?
A.Rather than simply developing products, we aim to propose practical alternatives to the global society where environmental contamination is becoming a bigger problem and to induce positive changes.  We will try to create continuously values which can result changes to everyday life in the future, relieve inequality by making social products through adequate technology and progress to be an environmentally friendly business for socially excluded class.
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