Title Smart Road Safe Lighting System - Sukcheon
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Smart Road Safe Lighting System - Sukcheon

* Sukcheon is conducting in endless innovative technological development based on technology and creating future values of “Innovative loT Solution & Service” for creating innovative products and services in loT field of the rapidly changing 21st Century IT field and is trying to approach to the management principles of innovative value creation, ethical management and customer satisfaction. 
Q. What is the reason for starting the business?
A.Due to the rapid change in the device of world’s loT internet of things, it will take less than 100 years to distribute 1 billion phones, 25 years to distribute 5 billion mobile p hones and 15 years to distribute26 billion things and we incorporated as I determined that the “loT solution & services” to be a continuously growing market in the future.  We will grow to become a professional company of “loT solution & services” in automated pilot cars, home loT, smart city and human care businesses.
Q. What is your philosophy as a manger of an enterprise?
A.Sukcheon (stone spring) means always rising up and prospering based on a stone.  Spring is life water as it comes out of stone and never dries in any draught and wets the throat of traveler and we will try to become a company needed for our life. 
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