Title AQUQ Drain
AttachFile 16CEO-8_AQUQ_Drain,_Environmentally_Friendly_and_Convenient_Drainage_Hair_Cleaning_and_Sewage_Bad_Odor_Prevention_-_AD_DESIGN_-.pdf  Date 2017-05-05

AQUQ Drain, Environmentally Friendly and Convenient Drainage Hair Cleaning and Sewage Bad Odor Prevention - AD DESIGN - 

* As a profession company of differentiated bathroom floor drains, we are trying our best even at this moment to lead a bathroom culture with creative and unique concept and to provide healthy and happy life to customers.
* In the global era where unlimited competition and growth opportunities co-exist, we are stepping forward to explore the bathroom drain market with values of creative thinking which overcomes the limit, unlimited challenges and passion of youth.  Going forward, we promise with all our families to focus our value on healthy and happy life of our customers and concentrate all of our capacities in order to provide differentiated bathroom life culture services. 
For more information, see the attached file.

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