Title Geogreen 21 making incessant efforts in the areas of underground water and soil environment
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Geogreen 21 making incessant efforts in the areas of underground water and soil environment
* Geogreen 21 Co., Ltd. is specialized in underground water and soil environment which conducts the business of survey, evaluation, design, purification, policy development and research in all fields related to underground water environment, which involves engineering related to water resources development and conservation, survey and purification of underground and soil pollution, installation and operation of underground water monitoring network, survey of underground environmental influence, underground space utilization and geothermal energy development. As more environmental pollution following rapid industrialization increased the concern in underground water environment, this company was founded as a venture enterprise on September 1, 2000 to present effective diagnosis and problem solutions based on professional knowledge. Our company has been constantly building up with excellent talents and differentiated technology and has settled as an enterprise representing Korea in the fields of underground water and soil environment despite being a smaller enterprise.
<CEO’s environmental management philosophy and objective>
Q: What is your management philosophy as CEO?            
A: First, as an engineer myself, I must be sincere and diligent. While doing environmental survey, consulting or purifying polluted environment, sincere attitude is important because I have to put across the content which is not easy for customers to understand.  On an organizational basis, consulting job characteristically entails lots of stress, so I emphasize harmony among people and cooperation. I also emphasize initiative, trust and passion to secure new customers, develop technology and maintain bond with the existing customers. 
Q: What are the main objectives of the enterprise to reach? 
A: We have an aim to become a global company in the area of underground water and soil environment and a leader in the related fields of technology. In some business sectors we operate, we aim to have the world’s No. 1 technology and market dominance. To that end, we are cultivating a special field others are not interested in but we can do well. First, it is our short-term goal to keep a leading market share in thefield of domestic underground water, soil environment and engineering.
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