Title Lead Prevention of Environmental Accidents, CTA
AttachFile Lead_Prevention_of_Environmental_Accidents,_CTA.pdf  Date 2017-07-07

CTA, Co., Ltd., which newly incorporated as an in house venture at POSCO on October 9, 2002, is a professional environmental consulting company established to transfer and distribute to other industry companies, the clean production technology which is the alternative for resolving the 21 Century environmental problems, from verified and applied technologies researched and developed as result of the policy of POSCO to produce environmentally friendly products.
CTA, Co., Ltd., has established the best infrastructure for technology in the environmental filed in Korea and based on extensive technology and know-how, it is trying its best to become a company which can provide actual help to industrial companies in and out of the country through transfer of technology of clean production and consulting for diagnosing general environmental such as water quality, atmosphere, wastes, etc. and preventing contaminants.
CTA, Co., Ltd., promises to become a company which values voices of customers and is trusted by the nation and the society under the name of POSCO.
Q. What is your goal going forward as a manger of an enterprise?
A. The mission of our company is “Through the Century with Clean Technology,” and we have four visions of “customers for a century, passion, technology and family,” which includes valuing customers’ trust and pursuing joint growth with the   customers, pursuing the goal with challenge without being afraid of failure, being passionate about all works we do and overcoming difficulties with passion, creating new values through environmentally friendly innovations, pursuing growth with  work by growing capacity through active personal development, the only one value, rather than the best one, and an organization which considers each other and is loved.
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