Title Portable Aquaair, BKMS CO., LTD.
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Aquaair Home Air Rotation, Cleaning System, as an air purifying device for indoor ventilation and air cleaning, is developed for clear and pleasant indoor environment by automatically ventilating without opening and closing windows and purifying the air with air which is a natural filter.
Aquaair provides clean air which makes people healthy through the water of the nature.
Q. What was the reason for developing this field?
A. As you know, kids these days have enormous amount of stress from studying and grades. But there are not many places for these kids to relieve their stress and it was shown that every one Korean kid out of two is suffering from a very serious academic stress. Most adolescences are exposed without protection to stress from academics but there is not much resolution for it. Most students play games or watches movies or entertainment programs to relieve stress but the problem is that playing games or watching movies or TV can be done only by consuming certain amount of time on it.
But I think that the reality is that they are not even given time for that.
That is why I made this Aquaair Therapy. By placing Aquaair Therapy on the desk where children study or on the bed, it is to automatically relieve stress.
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