Company Green Act World Co.,Ltd
Address (12047) 2-dong, 9-1, Yangji-ro 281beon-gil, Onam-eup, Namyangju-si,
Tel +82-31-529-7490 Fax +82-31-529-7491
E-mail enter2194@hanmail.net
Homepage www.greenact.co.kr
We are a leading manufacturer specialized in Engine oil additive and Anti-freeze additive in Korea.
I first learned about ACT-green from the nuclear physicist James Oh at the Berlin Institute while doing a business in the Eastern Europe in 1992. I was able to test it on numerous occasions from Frankfurt, Germany, to Vienna, Austria. I began its production in 2007 upon my return to Korea and now oversee its operation from 6 distribution centers (3 national and 8 regional) and 120 dealerships. As of May 2016, we have entered into a contract with Bosch Group and are currently in the negotiating process on the consortium.
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