Company Huvis Water
Address 90, Sandan-ro 83beon-gil, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do
Tel +82-2-6491-3000 Fax +82-2-6491-3001
E-mail hshong@huviswater.com
Homepage www.huviswater.com
Huvis Water Corporation was established in 1959 as a pioneer of water and wastewater treatment in Korea, and has become a completely integrated specialist of water and wastewater treatment.
With its long experience and outstanding technological expertise, Huvis Water delivers a variety of municipal & industrial water treatment plants designed to meet the customer requirements. Huvis Water takes pride in its continuous investment not only in R&D, with the aim of developing leading technologies in the global water treatment markets, but also in recruiting and nurturing highly qualified experts. Huvis Water and its cutting-edge technological expertise are expanding out of the domestic market into the global arena. Huvis Water firmly promises to be the future of global water treatment technology. In 2016, Huvis Water has established Huvis Water Vietnam to expand its business area and provide the advanced technologies based on almost 60 years experiences.
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