Company Coway EnTech Co., Ltd.
Address 2F, Co-op Starclass, 76, Hwarang-ro, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, 02799, Korea
Tel +82-2-910-2500 Fax +82-2-910-1953
E-mail fernando@coway.co.kr
Homepage www.cowayet.com
Coway EnTech (CET) is a water treatment engineering company specializing in the design, construction and commissioning of sewage and industrial wastewater treatment plants. Our design philosophy is based on the utilization of the most suitable and advanced technology that allows easy operation and cost efficiency.
As one of the most experienced and trusted water treatment engineering companies in Korea, we provide a complete solution - from the design to operation for municipal, industrial wastewater, cooling water, drinking water, pure & ultra pure water, seawater desalination as well as sludge treatment & biogas generation.
We are capable of carrying out different types of water treatment system as an EPC contractor who can provide engineering, procurement, and construction based on extensive experiences and advanced technologies. We also offer professional operation & maintenance services upon customer request.
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