Company Ecozone Inc.
Address Yeongudanjiro 76. Ochangeup, Cheongwongu, Cheongjusi, Chungbuk, Korea
Tel 043-903-0111 Fax 043-903-0110
E-mail sungmokang@gmail.com
Homepage www.ecoz.co.kr
Company Introduction
Ecozone Inc.. was established in 2011 and has always been endeavoring to environmental improvement and human health by minimizing the use of detergent and saving precious water resources with its slogan of ‘Wake the sleeping water!’
Business Description
We are specialized in manufacturing water filter products which makes dishwashing and laundry possible with none or minimum amount of detergent usage. Our products with a brand name, ‘MOOLOMAN’(‘only by water’ in Korean) include 6 eco-friendly products based on the special water filter technology like a faucet, a shower and a laundry ball. We have acquired over ten kinds of patents related to water filters and gained ISO14001 and ISO9001 accreditation. We also have received ‘Korean Environmental Award’ and ‘Excellent Company Award of Green Energy’ in recognition of the potentials of our products from domestic authorities. Our company has been focusing on the Korean market and our products enjoyed good responses. Recently, we started exports to China and other countries. Now Ecozone is going to expand our supply to the global market where consumers show increased preferences to the eco-friendly products. We will happily cooperate with overseas clients.
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