Building a Circle of Exchange for the Earth’s Future

An Environmental Technology Exhibition on the Internet
Humankind is now faced with many serious environmental problems. Some, such as global warming and ozone depletion, affect the entire earth. Others, such as air and water pollution, primarily affect local areas. Resolving these problems is especially critical for the APEC economies, which have seen substantial growth in recent years. APEC Virtual Center for Environmental Technology Exchange (APEC-VC) is a strong and growing force in the Asia-Pacific region working to address these issues. This project helps APEC economies, municipalities, corporations and environment-related institutions share, via the Internet, information on environmental technologies. Much like an "environmental technology exhibition," APEC-VC disseminates a wide range of information related to protecting the earth. APEC-VC was approved as a formal APEC joint research project at the Osaka APEC meeting in November 1995. In May 1996, Supporting Committee for APEC Virtual Center for Environmental Technology Exchange was established in Japan, and in April 1997 APEC-VC Japan began its full operation. APEC-VC Korea is presently supported by the Ministry of Environment Republic of Korea and Industry and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Supporting Committee spearheads its nationwide activities
The Growing APEC-VC Network
A variety of international workshops are held each year for participation by APEC economies. As part of this effort, web site categories are being unified so that information can be retrieved in the same manner from any of the Virtual Centers. Currently, Korea, Japan, Australia, Chinese Taipei, New Zealand, China, The Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Chile, Indonesia and Malaysia have APEC-VC up and running.
APEC-VC Korea Devoted to Extension of Environmental Technology
APEC-VC Korea is a high environmental technology exhibition. The site contains more than 5,000 informations as Environmental Technologies, policy by issue, and information for business. In addition, the site contains News and Web-Directory which is URL of governments, NGOs, organizations, academic societies related to environment.
Category System Makes It Easy to Find Information
For easier searching, information is classified by subject on three levels. The three main categories are "Global Environmental Conservation," "Local Environmental Conservation," and "Environmental Protection Programs." Each of these contains sub-categories, and under the sub-categories are smaller categories.
For Inquiries or Information:
If you have any questions for the Supporting Committee or if you are interested in environmental or business information, please contact us by e-mail or fax. Our secretariat will be pleased to help you.
Secretariat for the APEC Virtual Center (Korea):
APEC Virtual Center Korea for Environmental Technology Exchange is managed by the National Environmental Technology Information Center in the Korea Environmental Industry &Technology Institute (KEITI), Republic of Korea.
Tel. 82-2-2284-1171
Fax. 82-2-2284-1190
E-mail address: apecvc@keiti.re.kr