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Title Analysis on Effect of Metropolitan Area Atmospheric Air Quality Improvement Countermeasure
Attached File 17RR-12_Analysis_on_Effect.hwp.pdf  File Download Date 2017-10-10
Contents 1. Purpose of Research

- Since 2005, the Special Metropolitan Atmospheric Air Environment Improving Countermeasure has been implemented to improve the atmospheric air quality in Seoul metropolitan area. The concentrations of air polluting materials (PM10, NO2), which had been gradually reducing until 2012, does not show any substantial reduction trend since 2013, failing to accomplish the air quality improvement target concentration (PM10:40μg/㎥, NO2:22ppb) of 2014.
- Prior to implementing any effective air quality improvement, the exactly identifying the relation of cause and effect between the atmospheric air polluting material discharge volume and the level of atmospheric air pollution is required.
- In the present study, the air quality modeling system through metropolitan area atmospheric air quality analysis was established, analyzed the contribution to the metropolitan atmospheric air quality improvement, and proposed the PM & NOx reducing solution policy in metropolitan area.

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