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Title Status and Prospect of Automatic Indoor Air Quality Measurement Network
Attached File 17RR-13_Status_and_Prospect.hwp.pdf  File Download Date 2017-10-10
Contents 1. Purpose of Research

- While the outdoor atmospheric air pollution may naturally be diluted and controlled by social concern on atmospheric air pollution, variety of regulations and well arranged management system, the pollution level of indoor air may be even higher than that of outdoor air as the polluted air inside a limited space continuously circulates and accumulates.
- Indoor air keeps on deteriorating due to the increase of atmospheric air pollution caused by fast industrialization, insufficient ventilation following the increase of building air tightness, and increase of products using compounded chemical materials. The result of WHO''''''''s investigation shows the deaths attributable to indoor air pollution totaled to 4.3 million persons per year (as of March, 2014), and the recognition on importance of indoor air quality as the number of environment related disease patients continuously increases.
- The Korean Government has been striving for building the safe indoor environment with a goal of reducing the indoor pollution more than 10% by 2019 by preparing the Basic Indoor Air Quality Control Scheme since 2014.
- Obtaining the fundamental data on air quality of diverse indoor spaces must be proceeded in advance for a scientific and efficient indoor air quality management. Yet, the accumulation of meaningful data with intermittent test piece collection and manual measurement takes lots

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