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Title Establishment of Medium and Long Term Strategy for Development of Korean Water Quality Model
Attached File 17RR-18_Establishment_of_Medium.hwp.pdf  File Download Date 2017-10-17
Contents 1. Purpose of Research

- The present study is intended to establish the medium & long term strategy for securing the water quality model optimized to Korea domestic water body considering the topography of domestic rivers and lakes, characteristics of irrigation & water gates, characteristics of water quality variation, and utilization to water quality management policy.
- The National Institute of Environmental Research introduced the EFDC Model for reproduction & forecast of Korea domestic river and lake water qualities, and has been improving the function & performance of model to fit with domestic conditions. So far, the institute has been improving the model by adding some of required functions and supplementing the performance, yet proved to be limited in improvement of functions and performance related to the fundamental model structure. Accordingly, securing the water quality model of international level is required to review the water quality relevant social issues and enhance the performance of water quality forecast such as the Water Quality Forecast System & etc.

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