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Title Development of Assessment Technologies for Climate Change induced Alteration of Chemical Fate and Risk
Attached File 17RR-44_Development_of_Assessment.hwp.pdf  File Download Date 2017-10-17
Contents 1. Purpose of Research

- Providing the chemical material control foundation capable of predicting the risk alteration and minimizing the risk based on estimation by identifying the environmental movement change of climate change induced chemical materials, and quantitatively assessing the variation of exposed amount.
- Variation of Exposure Caused by Change in Indoor & Outdoor Environment
* Providing the basis capable of predicting the variation of exposed amount and exposure index.
- Priority Control Material Selection Procedure
* Establishing of procedure allowing the selection of chemical materials of which the control priority order become higher owing to the climate change considering the variation of exposure.
- Alteration of Risk
* Furnishing the basis capable of risk alteration considering the variations of exposed amount, path of exposure and exposure index in connection with climate change.
- Exposure/Risk Reduction Countermeasure
* Proposal suggesting the reduction of exposure/risk based on the assessment of variation.

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