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Title The Study on the Support Tools in the Aspect of Policy and Regulation for the Improvement of R&D Efficiency on Advanced Technology fo..
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Contents 1. Purpose of Research

- Establishment & Operation of Comprehensive Sewage & Waste Water Treatment Technology Information Network : Efficient comprehensive information network operation is required to secure the constant information providing function for the industry-academy-research areas through systematic information network, and use it in establishing the technology development direction.
- Deriving the schemes for commercialization of technologies developed and overseas market entry promotion : Proposal for systematic market entry strategy considering the technology competitiveness and market applicability in world market through the survey on Korea domestic & overseas sewage & waste water treatment technology trend, exploring overseas market entry scheme, and packaging of technology developed is required.
- Operation of Training & Advertisement Program Related to Advanced Sewage & Waste Water Treatment and Recycling Technologies : Provide the opportunities for exchanging diversified information & accumulating experience for Korea domestic experts and enterprises through development & operation of new concept advanced technology related training programs.
- Futuristic Sewage & Waste Water Treatment Technology Development Subject : The process of drawing the research subject allowing the improvement of domestic water quality environment and drawing the research subject providing the international competitiveness by closely analyzing development technologies under the Phase Ⅰ period, and comprehensively analyzing the advanced Korea domestic & overseas technology development trend.

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