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Title Survey on Landfill Minimization through Improvement of Waste Management Streams(I)
Attached File 17RR-52_Survey_on_Landfill.hwp.pdf  File Download Date 2017-11-01
Contents 1. Purpose of Research

- The Government and Ministry of Environment of Korea move ahead with the plan for zero landfill of waste materials left behind as a core national agenda establishing a policy goal intending to reduce the rate of waste material landfill up to 1.0% phase by phase until 2035 in the 4th ''''Comprehensive National Environment Plan‘.
- The present survey intends to identify the properties of sludges with a characteristic analysis sorting the organic & inorganic sludges by each discharge site and industry, calculate the reduction volume per the setting of conditions such as the landfill related economic incentives, regulation of incoming of wastes and recycling activation scheme, and investigate the landfill suppressible volume by the landfill suppressing effect attributable to economic incentives together with the application of direct waste incoming criteria.

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