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Title Research on Pilot Project for Establishing Local Contingency System against the Chemical Accident
Attached File 17RR-53_Research_on_Pilot_Project.hwp.pdf  File Download Date 2017-11-01
Contents 1. Purpose of Research

- The need of establishing local contingency system such as enacting the certain ordinances against the chemical accident increases as the right to know of people for chemical materials is actively assured as per the 「Chemical Material Control Act」 enforced in 2015.
- However, since no guidelines as to what sort of accident contingency systems should be built for local societies exist, the building of practically effective contingency plan holds back only staying with enacting of related ordinances.
- The present research is intended to develop a manual providing guidelines by establishing the local contingency system theory reviewing the overseas references, promoting a model project for establishing the local contingency system fitting to the Korean culture and actual situation of Korea, and integrating the theory analysis & model project process together.

For more information, see the attached file.
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