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Title Study for Technical Advancement and International Standardization of Environmental Standard
Attached File 17RR-56_Study_for_Technical(1).pdf  File Download Date 2018-01-26
1. Purpose of Research
- The present study was conducted to resolve the inconvenience of relevant industry enterprises and people by systematically putting the environment standards either similar to or duplicated with the current Environment Pollution Process Test Criteria and the environment related scope of KS in order, and at the same time achieve harmony with the international standards in consideration of Korea''''s environment technology level & the specific characteristics unique to relevant environment standards.
* As such, the study is intended to develop the environment measurement technologies for related industries to enhance the technological capability of environment standards for Korea, and thereby use the results of study for establishing and amending the Environment Pollution Process Test Criteria and KS(Korean Industrial Standards).
* At the same time, the study is intended to build the foundation leading the international standardization of Korean environment technologies by participating in the International Standardization Conference of ISO(International Standardization Organization) in order to secure the organical connection with the Environment Pollution Process Test Criteria and other international standards, raise the status of Korea in environment technology areas through ISO international standardization, and provide the platform for making entry & expanding the market share of Korean environment technologies in the global market.
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