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Title Development of Wetland Construction and Ecosystem Rehabilitation Technologies
Attached File 17RR-62_Development_of_wetland.pdf  File Download Date 2018-02-09
1. Purpose of Research
- Plants are important resources that have been providing direct benefits to human in various way. There is a connection between plant biodiversity and potential nature resource diversity.
* Thus, maintaining the plant diversity is necessary to preserve natural resources. Restoration of threatened plant species habitat has to be considered in respect to conservation of plant diversity. This study aimed to develop the artificial habitat construction technology for valuable native plant species which is threatened by habitat loss. We screened the valuable native plant species and developed the artificial habitat for the population maintenance.
* The purpose of this research is to develop the construction technology to enhance the biodiversity in the damaged wetland ecosystem and to restore the healthy horizontal ecological axis connecting the aquatic ecosystem-wetland ecosystem-terrestrial ecosystem.
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