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Title Development of Biosensor Technology Using Microalgal Resources
Attached File 17RR-63_Development_of_biosensor.pdf  File Download Date 2018-02-09
1. Purpose of Research
-Aims of this project was to discover industrially and medically useful microalgae occurred in Korean fresh and sea waters, and then to determine their expressed gene sequences by using high throughput genomics technology, and finally to reveal metabolically useful regulatory genes. By using genomics library data,
we identified particular genes, proteins and chloroplast pigment metabolites that responded to environmental pollutants, and then developed biosensor and industrial
technology for monitoring water quality. In addition, we developed an instrument equiped with cell-based photochemical biosensor, using green algae and diatom,
in order to detect low amount of pollutants in waters, and then improved the instrument sensitivity by diversifying products. Finally,
we tried to export pollutant-detecting instruments and their related technology worldwide.
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