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Title Development of Biological Resources for Ecosystem Recovery & Environment Evaluation Index
Attached File 17RR-81_Development_of_Biological.pdf  File Download Date 2018-04-06
1. Purpose of Research
- Currently the standard test species used in foreign countries are employed for evaluation of eco-toxicity, of which the foreign test species do not represent the domestic Korea ecosystems, and may lead to the ecosystem disturbance once they are leaked to local natural ecosystems attributable to the negligence in handling. Accordingly, the researches on selecting the standard species for index using local native self sown organisms, and establishing standardized environment assessment test method using the species developed are in urgent situation.
- The present research is intended to develop the ecosystem restoring organism resources applicable to domestic ecosystem, water quality purifying organism resources and other organisms for use as environment index through searching of diverse native self sown organisms inhabiting in Korea. The present research was conducted for those major targets of invertebrate inhabiting in fresh water ecosystems.
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