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Title Introduction & Development Low Cost Carbon Foam Adsorption Materials Using the High Polymer Foaming Body
Attached File 17RR-82_Introduction_&_Development.pdf  File Download Date 2018-04-06
1. Purpose of Research
- The most of presently used heavy metal related treatment plant are of End of pipe treatment technology focused more on the treatment than the recovery. Since the issues on stability with human bodies and ecosystem of nano materials including CNT are raised, the development of nano environment materials of no discharge or high recovery rate, which are capable of perfect interruption of discharge from outside, are urgently required in order to resolve the hazardous risk of nano materials from the source.
- The final aim of present research is to develop the method manufacturing the carbonized adsorbent structure with high specific surface fixated area required in fixing and adsorbing the pollutants, and secure the technology optimizing the harmful heavy metal adsorption characteristics of carbonized adsorbent as manufactured through the above method developed.
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