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Title A Technology Development of Energy Saving and Compact Based Wastewater Treatment Process Using Smart Device and lCT Based Integrati..
Attached File 17RR-91_A_technology_development.pdf  File Download Date 2018-06-08
1. Purpose of Research
- The purpose of present research aims on developing the alternative technology resolving the sewer treatment related issue of current or expected in the future, and conducted two areas of technology developments in large in order to achieve the purpose described.
* First purpose aims on the development of Compact Sewage Treatment Technology in order to prepare for any situations complicated to take care of with existing treatment facility capacities as the concentrations of pollutants flowing into the sewer treatment facilities owing to the recent changes in diversified environment circumstances.
* Second purpose aims on the development of ICT Energy Saving Technology based on sensor network in the present research, as the demand for energy saving and independence increases due to ever deepening energy shortage day by day, requiring the development of energy saving technology contributing to resolving of above described issue.
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