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Title Establishment of Detection Methods for LMO in Natural Ecosystem
Attached File 17RR-95_Establishment_of_Detection.pdf  File Download Date 2018-06-22
1. Purpose of Research
- He establishment of new event detection techniques is necessary in connection with the increase of new Living Modified Organisms (LMO) import approvals and the volume of import, requiring the development of continuous detection
- As such, the present research is intended to understand the transgene characteristics of LMOs currently imported & distributed in Korea, and establish the analysis system for Simplex-PCR Method and Multiplex-PCR Method for scientific & clear verification on LMOs.
- Also, the present research is intended to use the outcome to the natural LMO environment monitoring executed in accordance with the investigation on environment impact incurred due to the genetically modified organism (GMO) as per the Paragraph 2, Article 26 of LMO Act, and in distinguishing the LMOs for post management researches.
For more information, see the attached file.
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