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Title Study on the Management and Conservation of Sensitive Ecosystems to Climate Changes
Attached File 17RR-96_Study_on_the_Management.pdf  File Download Date 2018-06-22
1. Purpose of Research
- As the damaging and declination of alpine and sub-alpine ecosystems sensitively reacting to the climate and environment changes in particular have been deepening by diverse environmental and artificial disturbance, the collection of exact information on vegetation, the foundation of ecosystem, is necessary for systematic management and conservation, requiring to find the threatening elements by identifying the inter-relationship between vegetation, organisms and non-organism elements, and to prepare the corresponding management plan.
- The purpose of present study aims on proposing the management and conservation scheme by identifying the distribution range of threatening elements related to the Korean fir (Scientific name : Abies koreana) colony among the sub-alpine ecosystems, the one of climate change sensitive ecosystems.
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