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Title Integrated System Development for Recovering and Recycling of Perfluorocompound Gases in Electronics Industry
Attached File 17RR-97_Integrated_System.pdf  File Download Date 2018-06-22
1. Purpose of Research
- The hazardous substance removal method most widely used in the semiconductor industry is the installation and operation of a gas scrubber. Given that the currently best-performing gas scrubber installation technology (maximum PFC removal efficiency 95%) cannot completely remove the non-CO2 greenhouse gases emitted from semiconductor manufacturing, such as HFCs, PFCs, and SF6, there is an urgent need to establish countermeasures at the national level and to develop a technology to control such hazardous gases. In the present research step, it is intended to develop a prototype integrated management system for recovering CF4 and SF6 greenhouse gases emitted by the electronics industry by separately recovering the nitrogen carrier gas supplied to protect the dry pump and PFC dry etchant gas, thereby combining the water cyclone and membrane separation techniques.
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