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Title Development of Soil Amendments for Vegetation Remediation Techniques Using Functional Macromolecule Polymer
Attached File 17RR-99_Development_of_Soil.pdf  File Download Date 2018-06-22
1. Purpose of Research
- The development of technology to restore vegetation in the dry barren areas due to climate change using the functional macromolecule polymers. As coating the adsorbent include the essential elements for plant growth in the ionic substitution polymer, it design continuous plant nutrition and resolve the soil salination. and develop the soil amendments for vegetation remediation using the functional macromolecule polymers include the SAP that can sustain plant growth without supply the water. In addition, we were isolated and selected a strong rhizosphere microorganisms in sandy soil. we were made the complex agents that mixing the selected ionic substitution polymer/the superabsorbent polymer/rhizosphere microorganisms. this study develop soil amendments that the plant growth can maintain stable in the dry barren areas as apply to Test-bed in the overseas.
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