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Title Survey on Household Chemical Products Containing Nanomaterial and Arrangement of Its Management Measures
Attached File 17RR-48_Survey_on_Household_Chemical.hwp.pdf  File Download Date 2017-10-20
Contents 1. Purpose of Research

- Principal advanced countries are expanding the institutionalization of nano safety against the products containing nanomaterials and are carrying forward the development of technique to determine whether the product uses nanomaterial and evaluate the exposure.
* USA, Canada and Denmark are operating the declaration and the product registration system relating to nanomaterial (OECD announced the hazard and regulatory program seminar of nanomaterials in November, 2015)
- Use of nanomaterials in life environment is expected to increase due to advancement of nano industry, but we do not have enough information about the form of product containing nanomaterial (e.g. product family, formulation), properties of nanomaterial used (e.g. variety, usage), content, etc.
- We need to study the real state of content of nanomaterial in life chemical product and understand the exposure level of consumers to the nanomaterial.
- Secure the exposure assessment needed to assess the risk of nanomaterial to human and the preliminary data to establish safety standard for nanomaterial in the product.
- Accordingly, this research is pushed ahead to draw up the evaluation measures of exposure and risk considering the properties of nanoparticle.

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