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Title Research & Development on Statistics-Dynamics Fusion Type Fine Dust Forecast Technique (Ⅲ)
Attached File 17RR-51_Research_&_Development.hwp.pdf  File Download Date 2017-10-20
Contents 1. Purpose of Research

- As the concentration of population in Korean urban area is deepening, the socioeconomic damage sharply increases due to air quality problem and find dust in the densely populated area, especially in the capital area.
- Air quality issue due to fine dust attracts high interest from the people because it is directly connected to health of people, and the prevention of damage and reduction of damage cost considering the enormous socioeconomic damage.
- The prediction of air quality in the urban area becomes more difficult because the change of background weather condition due to climate change causes the change in circulatory field and rainfall system in East Asia acting the role weakening the generation of fine dust high concentration phenomenon and migration of pollutants, and the strength of pollutant or eliminating it.
- So, the purpose of this research is to diversify the data based on judgment in confirming the forecast of fine dust through the continuous monitoring of fine dust high concentration episodes and the comprehensive analysis of data by types.

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