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Title Lake Water Quality Improvement Technology Composed of Water Layer Aerator and Immobilized Photosynthetic Bacteria
Attached File 17NT-43_Lake_Water_Quality.hwp.pdf  File Download Date 2018-06-08
Contents 1. Overview

- Proliferation of algae suppressed as activated simultaneously at the water layers and sediments of shallow lakes by combining the immobilized photosynthetic bacteria and water layer aerator.
- Environment friendly biological & physical laks water quality improvement technology improving the water qualities of water layers & sediment layer in lake and removing foul odors with no risk of secondary pollution.
- New Concept Shallow Lake Water Quality Improvement Technology Combined with Below 1) & 2).
1) Biological technology purifying the sediment layer & water layer by directly pouring the immobilized photosynthetic bacteria having outstanding deodorization and organic material removing capability.
2) Physical technology suppressing the proliferation of algae and maximizing the activities of microorganism by mechanical aeration of Water Layer Aerator.

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