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Title "Sustainable Future Developing together with People", a Vision Proclaimed by the Ministry of Environment
Attached File 17PP-22_Sustainable_Future_Developing.hwp.pdf  File Download Date 2017-09-19
Contents 1. Overview

- The vision proclaimed by the Ministry of Environment to build the sustainable Korea.
* The Ministry of Environment held the Ministry of Environment Vision Proclaiming Ceremony at the Grand Auditorium, Building No. 6 of Sejong Government Complex from 10:00 AM on September 1st.
* The recent proclaiming of vision has a meaning implication for its first step breaking off from the past behaviour of Ministry of Environment, which was not worthy of its name, and re-establish the environmental value perspective of new government incorporating the people desire requesting the fundamental change in the environment policy.

2. Background
- The Ministry of Environment in the past government either remained unconcerned or supported the Four-River Refurbishment Project, being criticized for not holding the eco-system values properly in the regional development projects such as the Seorak Mountain Cable Car Project.

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