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Title Safety Management on Nicotine Used in Electronic Cigarette in Korea
Attached File 17PP-26_Safety_Management.hwp.pdf  File Download Date 2017-09-27
Contents 1. Overview

- According to the Ministry of Environment, the undiluted nicotine solution is prohibited of on-line sales as per the Harmful Chemical Substance Control Act. Even in off line sales, the purchasing of undiluted nicotine solution is practically very difficult to buy except with certain special cases such as the rat poison manufacturer & etc. Meantime, the nicotine liquid (diluted solution) used for charging electronic cigarette & etc. is imposed of no specific restriction. The nicontine liquid can be obtained at the convenience stores and electronic cigarette sales shops by whoever intend to buy.
- Incurring certain incidents of using the electronic cigarette nicotine liquid with malicious intention for committing crimes recently, intend to strengthen the safety control of nicotine.

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