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Title Standard Excess Rate of Specific Soil Pollution Control Target Facilities for Recent 5 Years Reduced by Strengthening Soil Environm..
Attached File 17PP-46_Standard_Excess.pdf  File Download Date 2017-11-29
1. Overview
- As a result of investigation on the soil pollution level about specific soil pollution managed facilities in 2016 to utilize as preliminary data for establishing the soil environmental conservation policy, 190 facilities, 2.3% of 8,278 research subjects exceeded the standard of concerns about soil pollution.
* Specific soil pollution control target facilities around the country in 2016 are 21,877 facilities. Most of them are petroleum storage facility and the gas station accounts for 64.8% of the whole facilities (14,169 stations).
- This result shows the trend that the rate exceeding the standard for last 5 years including 2015, the previous year has been dropping steadily and it can be interpreted as the result that strengthens the regular/irregular instruction/inspection of soil pollution level.
For more information, see the attached file.
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