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Title Laying the Framework of National Landscaping Policy to Implement Beautiful National Land Environment
Attached File 17PP-73-Laying_the_Framework.pdf  File Download Date 2018-05-11
1. Overview
- The policy to promote the overall landscape is carried forward such as setting the foundation of landscaping industry by aiming at the quantitative·qualitative expansion of landscaping service through creating the idle space such as waste railroad, waste road, etc into the park and green area, and designating the landscaping assistance center.
- According as the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure & Transport (MOLIT) announced ''''Landscape Promotion Master Plan(2017~2021)'''' which will be moved ahead for next 5 years to implement the healthy and elegant urban scape and sustainable land environment, this plan is medium & long term plan for the landscaping policy which is established for the first time by diversely collecting the opinions of academic⋅industry experts in the landscaping field in accordance with Article 5 of 「Landscape Promotion Act」, opinions from relevant ministries and public hearing, etc.
For more information, see the attached file.
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