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Title Outline of 2018 Ministry of Environment Budget and Key Outstanding Projects
Attached File 17PP-74-Outline_of_2018.pdf  File Download Date 2018-03-09
1. Overview
- Compilation of ME''s budget and fund proposal for 2018 is total 6 trillion 515.2 billion won
* The budget proposal is 5 trillion 587.8 billion won reduced by 140.9 billion won(2.5%) compared to last year
* Water system fund and asbestos fund proposal is 927.4 billion won reduced by 6.6 billion won(0.7%).
- Reduce the budget for installation of basic facilities and expand the budget for public safety․nature conservation
* Increase the investment to reduce the factors harming environment such as fine dust, chemicals, drought, AI, etc.
* Strengthen the projects for conservation and restoration of terrestrial․water ecosystem
For more information, see the attached file.
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