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Title Resource Circulation Policy and Prospect of Korea
Attached File 17PP-77-Resource_Circulation_Policy.pdf  File Download Date 2018-04-06
1. Overview
- Resource Circulation Policy and Prospect of Korea
* ''''Framework Act on Resource Circulation'''' is to be enforced as of January 1st, 2018.
■ Recycling of wastes is to be maximized by allowing the recycling when the Recycling Environment Criteria (Explosiveness, Inflammability, Eco-toxicity) are satisfied based on the Negative Recycling Management System''''.
■ Simple landfill is to be minimized with the introduction of ‘Landfill and Incineration Allotment System’
* Solid fuel energy recovery of entire flammable waste materials for approximately 2 million tons/year by 2020 is to be promoted.
* Expansion of waste material energy recovery facilities (Food, Food waste leachate, Livestock excrement & their combination) is planned by 2020.
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