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Title Environment Liability Insurance Subsidy Program for Small & Medium Enterprises
Attached File 17PP-78-Environment_Liability_Insurance_Subsidy_Pr  File Download Date 2018-04-06
1. Overview
- The Ministry of Environment opened the ''''One Stop On-line System (www.eilkorea.co.kr)’ for insurance renewal of those job sites (Appx. 13,000 sites) with expiring the subscription periods of Environment Liability Insurances, expanding the insurance premium subsidies for those small & medium enterprises with excellent environment management performance.
- The ‘Environment Liability Insurance’ is a mandatory insurance program the job sites installing & operating the environment pollution generating facilities with high risks of hazard such as the chemical material handling sites in accordance with the ''''Environment Pollution Damage Compensation Liability and Relief Act'''', which has been enforced since June 2016.
For more information, see the attached file.
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