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Title 2017 Enforcement Regulation Amendment for Chemical Materials Control Act
Attached File 17PP-34_2017_Enforcement.hwp.pdf  File Download Date 2017-11-01
Contents 1. Overview

- The Ministry of Environment announced that the ''''Chemical Materials Control Act'''' amending the Enforcement Regulations is to be implemented beginning May 30th to prevent the occurrence of chemical accidents and minimize the damage inflicted.
* The major contents of Chemical Materials Control Act Enforcement Regulation amendment include the strengthened punishment to be imposed on the entities violating the immediate report obligation in case of chemical accident occurrence, designation of additional chemical substances requiring countermeasure against the accident, prohibition of door-to-door delivery of harmful chemical materials, obligating the providing break time for long distance transport of harmful chemical materials, and rationalizing of criteria for installation and management of handling facilities.
- The Enforcement Regulation amended reinforced the administrative disposition criteria requiring to cancel the business permit of site subject to accident violating the obligation of immediate chemical accident report regulation for 3 times.
* In the event of occurrence of any chemical accidents, the corresponding site subject to accident shall immediately report to the competent local municipal government, local (regional) Office of Environment, competent police station and fire station within 15 minutes in accordance with the regulation requiring immediate report.
* The previous regulation stipulated the punishment of sales business interruption for one month only against violating the immediate report obligatory regulation by 4 times.

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