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Title Survey of Microorganism in Bioaerosol (Ⅰ)
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Contents Survey of Microorganism in Bioaerosol (Ⅰ)

1. Summary

Purpose of and Need for Research

* People inhale during lifetime approximately 50 billion liters of air where bioaerosol which is particle with various microorganisms attached within is included. Bioaerosol is particle originated from organisms (virus, germs, molds and protists, etc.) having size of 0.02-100㎛ and exists in the atmosphere environment in the form of spore of molds, toxin of microorganisms, allergens and pollens occurring from animals and plants, coughing from human body, body fluids and glucan, etc.

* Bioaerosols occur based on organisms, nature, industry and activities of humans and the nature and although their impact is also reported from positive perspective such as biological diversity but they are reported from negative perspective to restrict human activities, decreases immunity function of the body, and act as cause for various respiratory diseases.

* Korea is located in a very disadvantageous region geographically with respect to fine dusts which includes Bioaerosols. The Northeast Asia region which rapidly became developing countries, rapidly increased discharge amount of pollution materials and fine dust originated from China such as yellow dust is measured to be 2,712㎍/㎥ in March 2010, which is the highest concentration in the measured records of the Meteorological Administration Agency in Heuksando, atmosphere pollution materials occurred affecting Korea continuously with the northwest wind.

* Especially, as the yellow dust which was known to affect only the spring season in the past was reported as affecting Korea frequently in Fall and winter seasons as well, such as being measured 1,664㎍/㎥ per hour in November 2010, people’s interest in fine dusts increased even more.

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