Title [APCC] Dr. Jeongmin Han, Research Fellow, Information Service Team, APEC Climate Center won a 2017 Korea Data Quality Award
Date 2018-01-18 PM 1:20:59 Hit 395
Dr. Jeongmin Han, research fellow in the Information Service Team, won an award at the 2017 Korea Data Quality Awards. The awards are hosted by the Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT) and the Korean Data Agency (KDATA). Dr. Han won the award for contributing to increasing the quality of domestic data by expanding the base of the process and the utilization of climate data. 
Dr. Jeongmin Han played a leading role in developing the “Climate Information and Prediction Services” (CLIPs). CLIPs provides users with various climate data such as precipitation and temperature in the region and/or period of their interest so that they can analyze or utilize these various types of bulk climate data, with minimum time and effort.
Any climate information users around the world can download the CLIPs program from APCC’s official website (http://clips.apcc21.org) to their personal computer. Using this program, users can access the large volume of climate data housed by APCC.
Climate information users can analyze and utilize necessary climate data such as extracting climate variable values using only transmitted climate data. In other words, because the size of the climate data file transferred to the personal computer is small, despite the less than ideal "online connection environment" and "computing environment", users of climate information in developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region have no issues when downloading materials online and using them. Climate information users using personal computers can get the same effect as quickly processing large volume climate data on a high performance computer of weather or climate specialized organization.
The 2017 Korea Data Quality Award’s objective was to discover and award individuals or organizations that have been making constant efforts and activities to improve data quality innovatively during Korea’s 4th industrial revolution, during which demand for high quality data is increasing. The purpose of the 2017 Korea Data Quality Award is to contribute to the creation of a culture of domestic data quality management by enabling these efforts and activities to be shared by the whole society.
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