Title [APCC] The Research Paper by Dr. Taewoo Ryu from APCC Was Published in the Journal “Nature Climate Change”
Date 2018-05-24 PM 2:19:49 Hit 199
Contents The research paper, written by Dr. Taewoo Ryu as the lead author and his international team, was published in “Nature Climate Change” in May 2018. The title of the paper is “The epigenetic landscape of transgenerational acclimation to ocean warming”.

The research paper is the first in the world to demonstrate a possible association between DNA methylation and transgenerational acclimation to climate change in a vertebrate.

Dr. Taewoo Ryu and his international research team have found that some fish can inherit from their parents the epigenetic modification (experience) to adjust to ocean warming. When parental fish are exposed to elevated water temperature, the research team discovered that their descendants improve their survivability in these otherwise stressful conditions by selectively changing their epigenome.

The research paper published in ‘Nature Climate Change

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