Title [] The National Institute of Biological Resources (NIBR) hosts “Insects Exhibition in the Mount Jiri”
Date 2008-03-17 PM 5:38:53 Hit 1759
Contents The beauty and the values of insects in Jirisan (mountain) are coming to us closer without going to the mountain because the NIBR hosts the Insects of Jiri Mountain Exhibition from March 13 to June 15 2008. The specimens have been collected by Emeritus Professor of Gyeongsang Univ., Jung-seok Park for thirty years around the Jirisan, and the numbers are about 2,658 specimens.

The first theme, the Mother Nature- Jirisan introduces the mountains beautiful scenery and insects in the ecosystem. Especially, 8 insects including cicadas and beetles in metamorphosis are introduced.

The second theme, Insects, their own intelligent life! shows specimens by characteristics such as insects that have protective ability, insects that mimic others, insects that help recover the nature, and many others. Also there is an experimental space where guests can see harmful insects like flees and lice under the microscope.

The third theme, Insects named as Jangsu (long-horned beetles)introduces a pair of male and female Jangsuhanulso (long-horned beetles) whose size is the biggest in the nationwide.

Furthermore, in the exhibition, the NIBR shows best pictures in the National Park photo contest and a place where guests can experience clean air of the Mount Jiri.

Four types of education programs for elementary school students and the families will be also open on April.

For who wants to apply for the program, please visit the Web site, www.nibr.go.kr.

Source : National Institute of Biological Resources (NIBR)

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