Title [] [Green Korea] Daegu signs MOU with U.S. investment bank on Eco-Water Polis at Nakdong River
Date 2010-06-01 AM 9:45:28 Hit 9058
A plan is gathering momentum on the development of an Eco Water-Polis, which calls for the construction of a world-class waterfront tourism and leisure complex by the Nakdong River.

The investment inducement delegation on the development of Eco-Water Polis visited New York, to attract investment for the development of a waterfront tourism complex at the Nakdong River on May 8, and signed an MOU on the development of an Eco-Water Polis and investment inducement with the U.S. investment bank Provident Group. The delegation also held an investor relations seminar for institutional investors, including Six Flags, as it conducted far-reaching investment inducement activities.

Cho Won-jin, chief of the investment inducement delegation for the development of Eco-Water Polis, held talks on investment with Chairman Steven J. Carlson of Provident Group, and signed an ‘MOU on the establishment of a cooperative system for the development of a Eco-Water Polis and the inducement of investment’ with Provident Group.

In addition, the delegation held an investor relations session for institutional investors and theme park business operators, including Ajia Holdings and Sig Flags at New York KOTRA headquarters, staging a campaign to attract investment to the Eco-Water Polis.

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