Title [] Ask the economists: Environment - what price a clean planet?
Date 2008-03-24 PM 7:42:54 Hit 1712
Contents World greenhouse gas emissions are expected to grow by 37% to 2030 and by 52% to 2050 if no new policy action is introduced, finds the 2008 OECD Environmental Outlook. To meet increasing demands for food and biofuels world agricultural land use will need to expand by an estimated 10% to 2030; 1 billion more people will be living in areas of severe water stress by 2030 than today; and premature deaths caused by ground-level ozone worldwide would quadruple by 2030.

So what needs to be done? What are the priority areas where action is needed? How can the costs be shared fairly between the developed and developing world? What part can green taxes, emissions trading and eliminating harmful environmental subsidies play?

A live online question and answer session will take place between 14.00 and 16.00 Paris time (13.00 to 15.00 GMT) on Thursday 27 March 2008. Lorents Lorentsen, Helen Mountford and Jan Corfee-Morlot from the OECD’s Environment division, will be there to answer questions.

You can send questions or comments on this issue in English or French in advance, or during the debate, to ask@oecd.org. We will post a selection of questions together with answers in English. You can also email your comments on those answers and we will post these too.

Source : OECD(www.oecd.org)
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