Title Presidents of environmental research institutions among Korea, China and Japan to reinforce research collaboration in the region
Source Ministry of Environment
Date 2017-11-09 PM 5:30:52 Hit 461
▷ The fourteenth Tripartite Presidents Meeting (TPM 14) will take place on October 25-27 in Tsukuba, Japan.

National Institute of Environment Research (NIER) under the Ministry of Environment announced that the 14th Tripartite Presidents Meeting (TPM 14) will be held from October 25 to 27 in Tsukuba, Japan to discuss research collaboration among Korea, China and Japan. 

TPM 14 will be attended by Dr. Park Jin-won, President of NIER of Korea, Dr. Li Haisheng, President of Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences (CRAES), Dr. Watanabe Chiho, President of National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES) of Japan. The three presidents will seek ways to foster research cooperation in the region.

The meeting will touch upon the achievements and research roadmap on nine research priority areas including waste management and Asian air pollution, and promote continuous research collaboration among the three countries.

The nine research priority areas include 1) freshwater pollution, 2) Asian air pollution, 3) urban environment and eco-city, 4) dust and sand storm, 5) chemical risk and management, 6) biodiversity conservation, 7) solid waste management, 8) climate change and 9) disaster environment. 

Placing an emphasis on waste management, in particular, the participants will discuss Japan's resource circulation, Korea's environmental assessment on renewable resources and China's harmful waste management.

At the meeting, Korea will propose "Children's environmental health" as a new priority research area to address such challenges. In line with this, Korea and Japan will sign an MOU on Joint Research on Children's Environmental Health on October 27.

Along with the main session, an international workshop under the theme of "Addressing freshwater challenges through assessment and management" will be held. At the workshop, Dr. Fukushima Takehiko, Director of Ibaraki Kasumigaura Environmental Science Center of Japan, will deliver a keynote speech, and 12 researchers from the three countries will present results of research on various fields including green algae, sediment and water pollution improvement.

President Park Jin-won commented that "the latest achievements of joint research among the three countries will serve as a cornerstone to further develop environmental research in the Northeast Asia." "Through the meeting, we will strive to continuously foster research collaboration to address imminent environmental challenges in the region," he said. 
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