Title Construction of 5 stories or higher buildings around ACC to go through landscape review
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Date 2018-01-18 AM 10:34:31 Hit 351
Beginning this year, construction of buildings with 3 stories or higher around Mudeungsan Mountain, Yeongsangang River, Songjeong Station and Asia Culture Center must pass landscape review.
The city of Gwangju on the 3rd, Wednesday announced its landscape plan for the next 12 years which includes designating the 4 areas as landscape management districts.
The plan aims at fostering ‘Culture Landscape City with Energy and Relaxation’ by limiting construction.
Within a 500m radius of Yeongsangang River area, construction of buildings higher than 3 stories must receive the approval while in other 3 districts, construction of buildings higher than 5 stories are obliged to gain the approval.
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