Title Ulsan introduces "paperless committee" system
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Date 2018-04-17 AM 9:59:14 Hit 229

Ulsan introduces "paperless committee" system
Will start pilot operation this year for urban planning, architecture, and landscape committees
System anticipated to reduce costs by 200 million KRW a year, examining system expansion following pilot operation

Ulsan Metropolitan City decided to introduce the "paperless committee" system to replace documents for review with electronic documents, including design drawings printed on paper and submitted to various committees such as the urban planning, architecture, and landscape committees.

 The introduction of the "paperless committee" system was decided in order to reduce the burden of costs resulting from the massive amount of documents offered for review, such as design drawings, to solve the problem of resource waste caused by the disposal of data after committee meetings and to at the same time ensure efficient administrative operation.
Ulsan City's Urban Creation Bureau is holding over 50 committee meetings a year, and an average of three to four agendas are submitted for discussion per session. An expense of more than 200 million KRW is incurred each year to print out these documents for review.

 For operation of the "paperless committee" system, Ulsan City installed computer servers and monitors in the conference room of the old city hall building last year with an investment of 67 million KRW.

 The "paperless committee" system will reduce the cost required in committee meetings and ensure limitless supply of various documents for review to the committee members in an electronic document format, accordingly allowing more effective committee operation.

 The results of the "paperless committee" system will be investigated through the pilot operation, and the system application will be expanded to other committees based on these results.
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