Title Gwangju city to take special measures to tackle fine dust levels
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Date 2018-04-17 AM 10:12:51 Hit 148
Gwangju city to take special measures to tackle fine dust levels

Gwangju is to enact special measures to counter fine dust issues.
Hyungjin Ro reports.

Gwangju city is planning to take emergency measures from April 16th to respond to a surge in fine dust levels across the city.

In consideration of the frequent occurrence of high-concentrations of fine dust, the city has formed a cooperative team with 17 agencies and departments from the beginning of February.

Possible measures include emergency operations of air cleaning trucks during the day, reducing operation hours of public facilities, such as garbage incineration plants, and two-shift or odd-even vehicle operations.

In addition to these measures, the city has decided to support air purifiers at all daycare centers in the city this year and implement related campaigns, electronic announcement displays, and added website guidance.

Emergency measures are currently being implemented only in larger metropolitan areas such as Seoul, Gyeonggi and Incheon.

According to the National Institute of Environmental Research, the quantity of fine dust emissions averages 463 tons per year in Gwangju, which is only 0.38% of the total emissions in Korea.
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