Title KEPCO has attracted investments from more than 300 companies
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Date 2018-04-27 AM 11:20:22 Hit 233
KEPCO has successfully attracted more than 300 companies to the Energy Valley.
Yeongju An reports.
The Korean Electric Power Corporation or KEPCO has attracted investments to the energy valley of Naju city from some 300 companies so far. According to KEPCO on April 26th, it has made contracts with some 30 energy companies including LG electronics and Enernoc Korea, in attendance with various leaders of the region including Gwangju Mayor Yoon Jang Hyeon.
These companies are expected to invest some 84 billion won and create some 510 new jobs in the region. Since December 2014, when KEPCO first moved into Naju city, it has conducted various projects to establish the Naju city area as a global energy industry center just like Silicon Valley in the U.S
So far, KEPCO has signed contracts with some 310 companies in the energy valley for investment. The total investment reaches at some 1.3 trillion won with some 8,150 new jobs. Reportedly, KEPCO aimed to attract the investments from some 300 companies, however, it has set its goal at 350 companies, and aims to attract more than 500 companies by 2020.
Meanwhile, KEPCO has made another contract with 4 public institutions that have moved into Naju recently, including Korea Rural Community Corporation, Korea Internet & Security Agency, National Radio Research Agency and more to build the new energy centered industry infrastructures in the region.
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